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I do :D

1 x 100w Monocrystaline Panel mounted flat on roof

Charges 2 x 110AH Leisure Batteries and 1 x 80AH Vehicle Battery by charge cycle controlled by a Fox 350A regulator.

Fox 350 Regulator info - click here

Are they worth the expense ? - Its a loaded question really, they are an expensive way of producing power, but they are a very convenient way of keeping your batteries in top shape, if used with a decent regulator.

In the summer a 100w panel can produce up to 7 amps of power at daytime peak, so its virtually running anything 12v you may be using. We have an invertor as well and have ran the TV, fridge on 240v, various chargers and kids playstation at the same time with little or no loss to the charge in the batteries.

I think they are worth the expense for the convenience and the "fit and forget" factor. At the moment my Van is parked outside and the batteries are getting a little bit of charge. I don't have to leave the vehicle charger on at all this time of year, and only in the winter, mainly to do with where the van is parked (the sun doesn't see the van) do i have to use the vehicle charger.

I had my setup fitted professionally by AB Butt in Leicester. They always have a deal at the shows, and this is the second van they have kitted out for me.

A B Butt LTD - Click Here

Fitting is a no brainer for me really as the vehicle is a company vehicle, but self fitting wouldn't be that difficult, especially if the panel is fitted directly above the battery bank. That makes the cable run a lot easier.

What think you John ?

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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