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who insures a trailer being pulled by your camper?

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I rang my insurance companies today
My camper is insured comprehensively while abroad
So too is my motorbike whilst on my bike trailer while being pulled by the camper
tht trailer is only insured 3rd party if it becomes unattached & collides with something
it is not insured if stolen!!!!

so i'm wondering how you insure your trailer

It needs annual insurance as it will twice monthly be used to tow my bikes
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We tow a smart on a trailer, fully comp on trailer by L and V insurance,
trailer insured by Caravan Guard up to a thousand pounds whilst towing or if nicked.
We insure m/h car and trailer with nfu The trailer is a 8ft x4ftx5.5ft cost for insurance on trailer including theft £20 Valued at £1600
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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