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We all enjoy the freedom that a motorhome affords and the ability to 'Wild Camp' wherever a suitable spot can be found, but these spots become less and less easy to find especially if the following simple rules aren't followed. By following these advisory steps maybe when you return to a favoured wild spot in the future it will still be available for use:-

  • 1. Obtain permission (if indicated) from an authorised person.

    2. Park out of the way, and be aware of farm access gates.

    3. Consider whether awnings, chairs, washing lines and bbqs are appropriate.

    4. Retain grey water where appropriate, and never dispose of black water.

    5. Be considerate with your noise level (TV and music) especially after 9:00 pm.

    6. Do not use your hydraulic jacks or levelling jacks on asphalt (Dents/indents the road leaving an eyesore of holes)

    7. Limit your stay to the time indicated.

    8. Purchase petrol, food, or supplies as a form of thank-you when feasible (From local farm, stores, shops etc if applicable)

    9. Always leave an area in the same state that you found it.

    10. Never use toilet chemicals that are incompatible with septic systems.

Anyone have any more steps to add :?: :?:
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