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If you're heading through Switzerland on the way to Italy or further then the Willisau Stellplatz is about 75kms SE of Basel a few kms from the A2 and is an ideal transit stop.
Its also worth a visit in its own right, the town is only 10 mins walk away.
Unusually for Switzerland its all free including electricity and an all weather water tap but there is no grey or black water dump facilities.
We used it on our recent trip on the way out in the February snow and on our return in June and will use it again in the future.

N47.11909 E07.99784

Thought it worth a mention here but an entry should be in the campsite database after its been approved.



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Many thanks.This looks a much better option than our usual transit stops.

Free ? Switzerland ? I didn't realise that those two words could be used together. Must be a mistake and the Gnomes of Zurich will catch up with it sooner or later...

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