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wing mirror indicator

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can anyone tell me how to get at the bulb in the wing mirror indicator?

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It is quite straight forward. Look at the mirror and gently push it, applying pressure on the edge of the mirror closest to the indicator. You will see two small screws that hold in the indicator housing. Remove these and the plastic indicator cover will come away.


My word - a technical question that I am able to answer! Unknown before I think!
Brilliant thanks Russel. i'll find a use for this mallet yet!
turn the mirror glass back to reveal two small screws on right of housing, undo these and the lens can be lifted out
wow - 8 years to answer a question that had already been answered!
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I think collierboy is new n it takes a while to get grips with all the bits n pieces on here.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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