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Just a long shot, but does anyone have a old Manual for B694, 1990 model Hymer? We would love to have a photocopy of it - we are mystified by a number of things in the machine. Mind you, it would be even better if it were in English... all our dials are in German, which we don't speak!!
Regards, Sundial

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Hi Sundial

i posted this the other day, have you tried this route

If you go to the Hymer web site

Hymer web site - click here

And click on the english flag and go to the contact links, they are differant departments there now but i suppose head office would be the best bet.

If you request an english manual they should send you one, just tell them your Hymer serial number, your name and address.

I got one from them last september, i offered to pay, but i got no email reply, just a photocopied manual in the post about a week later.

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