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Yet more newbies

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We joined at Newbury a couple of weeks ago where we were in the process of looking for our first motorhome. We have done quite a bit of research and are looking for a twin bed with a large garage and payload. Not being ambitious at all we plan to do several long distance trips and go full time this time next year!!!

Has anyone out there got any experience of the Peristroika tours to Africa or China? If so we would love to hear from you.

Also, does anyone know if there any other groups besides the Silk Road Club that do similar long distance travel in groups.

Have been looking at the site for several months as a visitor and found a lot of useful information. Thanks to the un-named members who have unknowingly provided it.

Marion & Nigel
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Hello Marion and Nigel, and a warm welcome to MotorhomeFacts. May your stay with us be a long and fruitful one! :wink: :D

I have absolutely no knowledge "of the Peristroika tours to Africa or China" but it all sounds so exciting. Reading your plans makes me feel like one of those folk from mediaeval times who never left their own village! :roll: But I'll have you know that I have been to Cleethorpes a few times!! :lol:

Seriously, I do know that one of our members has been to China and back. So this post of mine will bump yours back up to the top. Keep bumping until you get the info you need.

Good luck with whatever you decide, wherever you go...
Welcome. "Not being ambitious at all." 8O I thought I was pushing it going to Bognor Regis and there are you two pottering off to China. I do wish you safe and happy journeys and please blog the log on here with pix as I would be very interested to see your progress.

Tong Ping Ding as they say in China. 8)
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